10 Questions to Test an eLearning Professional

questionseLearning is a brand new field and there is no formal accreditation process.  How can you tell if someone who calls themselves an eLearning professional is truly what he says he is?  Ask him some of these questions.  If he crosses his eyes with Question #1, go find another professional.  Maybe you don’t know the answers to these questions, but if he doesn’t either, you are not seeking help in the right places.

  1. Is the output Scorm-Compatible (without going into too much detail, this affects the portability of your ultimate courseware, and is key).  Yes is the right answer, No is the wrong answer.
  2. What is the recommendation for setting up a user registration system?
  3. How much is it going to cost to have a single user sign up for your course?
  4. What course authoring system will be used?  Heavy hitters that produce SCORM content and have a large user based include Articulate, Camtasia, Lectora, and Captivate.
  5. Where will your course content be hosted?
  6. If you want to make changes to the course later, how difficult will that be?
  7. Is it possible to have a test out/ adaptive learning scenario?  (e.g. if a student know some or all of the course content, can they take a quiz and move to more meaningful content?)
  8. Is it possible to add interactive content to the course?
  9. Do they have instructional design skills, or do they expect to have the course basically created?
  10. Is there a creative team in place?

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